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The THBI Difference 

Is there really a difference in True Hope
Bible Institute?


You see, we are strictly a BIBLE EDUCATIONAL SCHOOL - our degrees are not secular academic degrees - which means we are not required to teach as the secular world teaches ... thus we do not require that you learn mathematics or sciences or history or other "pre-requisite" courses that really have very little to do with earning a Bible or Ministry degree and which will not, in most cases, be of spiritual value in fulfilling your ministry!


Religious colleges are exempt from secular requirements!  If we received money from the government, if we taught secular academic courses and offered secular degrees (such as attorneys, business admin., biology, sciences, etc.) then we would be required to operate in the manner prescribed by the government - - but these things are not what we do!

The U.S. constitution forbids legislation that will establish or prohibit the free exercise of religion. Thus the government cannot dictate what a Bible College does or does not teach ... unless that Bible College wants to "be like the world" and teach what the world teaches!

Sadly, many Bible Colleges do just this - they feel that in order to be "legitimate" they must offer what the world offers which then means they must pay the costly prices of hiring "worldly staff" (motivated by money) and meet the costly demands of the State to be certified - - meaning to teach their subjects in a way that pleases the State!

THE DIFFERENCE IS IN OUR PURPOSE & AGENDA! Our focus and foundation is spiritual preparation and development for Christian ministry.

Many Christian Colleges are actually Liberal Arts schools that include studies/degrees in Bible or Ministry majors, and serve those students who are called to be Christian professionals in secular vocations such as in the Medical Profession, Law, private and public educational profession, research scientists, business administrators, accountants, and the list goes on.

Our agenda is to be a Bible College for the education and development of Ministry Leadership - nothing more! We have a singular focus which is Bible edification for students to be Biblically equipped to go forth as what God calls them in the ministry of Christ and the Gospel!

Therefore we choose to be strictly Bible based in our education activities. We do not teach secular history - as a separate subject. We do not teach mathematics - as a separate subject. We do not teach secular literature, language or grammar - as separate subjects! We do not teach secular science - as a separate subject! Does this mean that these topics are totally ignored? Not at all! It simply means that we do not teach liberal arts curricula nor do we teach the secular sciences curricula.

For these reasons we are not hamstrung with the State mandated requirements (and all the expenses that are passed on to the students) in order to become a secular State certified  college that adds Bible subjects along with the State's agenda and then call it a Bible College!

Exemption does not mean we are free from meeting any requirements of a Higher Educational Institution ... exemption means that we have met the state's requirements of being a NON-ACADEMIC (non secular) CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and therefore we are exempt from the requirement to be certified (with all the required extra curricula and expenses).

We do have to prove this to the Department of Higher Education of the state of our headquarters ... they do not simply rubber stamp anything about education! In fact, it took THBI nearly half a year to first satisfy the Arkansas Department of Higher Education that we qualify as a Bible College!

  • Note: We have since relocated to Springfield Missouri and in 2012 have applied with the Missouri Department of Higher Education to be recognized as an exempt Bible College. 

True Hope Bible Institute is TRULY, purely and simply a Bible College - everything we teach is taught on the foundation of Scriptures and taught with the goal that you are able to put what you learn into real life practice ... both your own life and the reality of the lives of those you will be ministering to!

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More Comparisons . . .

What about those well known, big name, secularly certified Christian Colleges?

Many "Christian Colleges" are focused on academics. This means that in order to graduate, and apart from the degree field you are studying for, you must earn so many prescribed credits in such things as English, Science, Math, History, Social Sciences, and other subject matter that is important to the secular world!

These all take much more time and costs a lot more money because of the related overhead and expenses!

MORE IMPORTANTLY ... this also means that such Bible Colleges are required to satisfy the state's requirements for academic curriculum. In other words, such Bible Colleges must maintain a curriculum that is "politically correct"!

This really means that such Bible Colleges are either defacto liberal arts colleges that offer Bible degrees, or Bible Colleges that are forced to be schools of liberal arts/sciences.

If a Christian College chooses to teach "academic" subjects as part of their degree requirements, that college must be certified by the state department of higher education, which means that the Christian College must teach what the STATE wants them to teach in order to be recognized and certified as a college.

The academic curriculum of the state certified Bible College must be politically correct ... so to teach creation without also teaching evolution may ultimately cost the Bible College it's certification!

And IF that college exists in order to produce revenue (even if they're non-profit) their focus inevitably becomes "protect the revenue" ... compromise then enters in which is justified by arguments such as the jobs that will be lost if the school is lost ... thus TRUTH again has fallen victim to State control!

Choosing to be a College that teaches only Christian subjects, not ordinarily taught by secular academic colleges, allows us to be exempt from state certification while still being recognized and authorized by the state to confer degrees upon students that complete the prescribed studies.

Being "Exempt" means that our students can earn a Bible College Degree that is recognized by the "state" as legitimate* but one that will not take nearly as much time as if you attended a "state licensed" academic college!


... Less time requires less money required by the student!

ANOTHER FINANCIAL FACTOR COMES INTO PLAY AS WELL ... Many colleges require that a student ATTEND no less than 80% of available class time!

Of course, class time means CLASS ROOMS!

Having class rooms also means:   Staffing expenses; Maintenance and upkeep expenses;  Operating costs; Equipment costs ... and This is not even mentioning books and such!

Because True Hope Bible Institute is free from the majority of these expenses, coupled with the advantages from being an "exempt" Bible College, we could either: Charge the more typical higher fees and tuition making more money for this ministry -- OR -- we could pass these significant savings on to our students as an added blessing!

We choose to bless our students!

For instance ... we are able to include all required books in our tuition!



It takes far less time to earn your degree and costs far less to do so!

 Bible Students


You cannot study at THBI to become a Christian medical doctor or a Christian attorney or even study business management to become a Christian business manager!


If you have the desire to gain a Bible based education for the purposes of fulfilling God's purpose for your live and His call of you in His ministry - - then True Hope Bible Institute is ready to help you accomplish what God has called you to do!

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I wanted to comment on the time I have spent with (THBI) ... What I have found to be particularly helpful, has been the one on one student conferences ... ... I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking to further their religious education.

- - Gitte S. Bachelor Graduate;   Virginia

I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute - these distance learning Bible college courses are well designed and extremely challenging!

- - Michael C.  Doctoral Degree Graduate; Ohio

"I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute for the serious student of God's Word."

- - Eric C. Masters Degree Graduate; New York."

THBI study distance learning Bible college courses have really gotten me into the Scriptures and are a great resource in preparing my sermons.

- - Scott P. Bachelor Degree Student, Wisconsin

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