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Ministry History

"How True Hope Ministries of America Came To Be"

By: Dr. Timothy Hoflund

True Hope Ministries of America

There are several functions of True Hope Ministries of America.  THMA is both a Church of and for Ministry Servants and Leaders and a Christian services support ministry that exists for the purpose of glorifying God in Christ Jesus.

Beginning as a single "house church" in 2002, there are now a number of worship/ministry centers in homes and other congregations, proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation by faith in Christ Jesus to the people and communities in which we serve.

We endeavor to provide every possible means of educating, edifying, equipping and encouraging the saints of God whose purpose it is to present the Lord Jesus Christ to all humanity as mankind’s one and only True Hope.

Congregations chartered by True Hope Ministries of America presently meet in homes, small congregations and via live internet conference meetings!

We currently have licensed and ordained ministry servants and leaders in the states of: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, South Carolina, Texas and New York state. 

 TRUE HOPE LIVE! - Live, interactive Bible sermons and Bible studies via the internet on Sundays and Tuesdays.

True Hope Live! is free to attend and participation is encouraged among the attendees!

Learn more about True Hope Live! Click Here

TRUE HOPE BIBLE INSTITUTE is the Bible College of True Hope Ministries of America.

Accredited in 2009, True Hope Bible Institute (THBI) was recognized in 2010 by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education as a Religious College exempt from secular certification requirements.  Upon relocating to Springfield Missouri, we filed for the same exemption with the Missouri Deparment of Higher Education.

As a distance-learning Bible college, THBI has enrolled students in many different states with some of our students choosing to become ministry leaders within the True Hope Churches & Ministries network!

THBI offers programs from diploma through doctoral degrees in Biblical and Christian Ministry disciplines. We do not offer any secular liberal arts or sciences degrees of any kind, all of our degrees are “religious” in designation and strictly Christian in nature and substance.

Denominational Ties:
True Hope Ministries of America can best be described as being DENOMINATIONALLY OPEN. We neither advocate nor oppose any denomination, fellowship or ministry organization that is faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, based on the Holy Christian Bible and holds the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant message of God to humanity.

We will join in ministry efforts with any denomination, fellowship or ministry organization that is devoted to proclaiming the full and complete Gospel of Christ to the people and communities of the world for redeeming lost souls in spiritual salvation and making disciples of all people who will by faith receive Christ Jesus as Lord.


THMA has two primary websites:

True Hope Ministries of America also provides web services to our membership - -

  • Free web hosting for ministers and churches who join True Hope.
  • Free Email for member ministers and churches/ministries who join True Hope


The ministry’s Email Newsletter that is published monthly and subscriptions are at no charge. Visit our Archives or Subscribe Today!

Geographic Scope:
True Hope Churches & Ministries believes that our ministry emphasis is to be within North America and so while we may support missionary work in foreign countries, the focus of our direct ministry efforts and works are limited to the United States and Canada.

Legal Information:

Federal Identification Number: XX - XXXX935 (Available for legitimate requests)
Tax Exempt Number (Group Exemption): 3317

Group Exemption/Ministry Affiliation Oversight:  Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc.
(Provider of Group Exemption Ruling with IRS)

Bible College Accreditation: World-Wide Accrediting Commission of Christian Educational Institutions, Richmond, VA

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I wanted to comment on the time I have spent with (THBI) ... What I have found to be particularly helpful, has been the one on one student conferences ... ... I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking to further their religious education.

- - Gitte S. Bachelor Graduate;   Virginia

I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute - these distance learning Bible college courses are well designed and extremely challenging!

- - Michael C.  Doctoral Degree Graduate; Ohio

"I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute for the serious student of God's Word."

- - Eric C. Masters Degree Graduate; New York."

THBI study distance learning Bible college courses have really gotten me into the Scriptures and are a great resource in preparing my sermons.

- - Scott P. Bachelor Degree Student, Wisconsin

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