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The following is a brief review of a great opportunity for those who qualify. Complete details are available upon request to the Chancellor of True Hope Bible Institute.

As with many Bible Colleges, we offer an honorary doctoral degree program for those who have achieved in ministry a level of distinction that is worthy of being recognized in this manner.

Do not make the mistake of believing that you can simply take a “shortcut” and bypass the effort required to attain this level of achievement.

Honorary does not mean “easier” … in fact it is often a much greater price to pay in terms of effort and study and the investment of your life in order to be recognized in this manner.

Honorary means “HONORED”. 

We recognize that many in life have not had the opportunity to attend a Bible College, but that the Lord has in fact educated this person through personal Bible study, application in life and ministry and have such knowledge and understanding that can never be attained from “book study”!

Special Status - -  We recognize that many in life have not had the opportunity to attend a Bible College, but that the Lord has indeed educated this person through personal Bible study, application in life and ministry and have much knowledge that can never be attained from “book study”!  An honorary doctoral degree is available to such a person.

The THBI Honorary Doctoral Degree is more than a so-called “life experience” degree yet less than a fully earned study degree. 

However, because the requirements are less than the typical scholastic process, we must call the degree “honorary” even though it is closer to an “equivalency” degree. 

As you will see, much more is required than simply registering then completing an application.  If you cannot prove your knowledge and understanding of God’s truth and message given to us in the Holy Bible no amount of money can purchase a THBI Honorary Doctoral Degree!

An application, multiple examinations and a doctoral thesis are all part of the process.

  • An honorary degree cannot be purchased from True Hope Bible Institute.

The honorary Doctoral Degrees we offer at this time are:

D.Evan.  = Doctor of Evangelism
  D.CMin = Doctor of Christian Ministries
 D.SL = Doctor of Sacred Literature
D.D. = Doctor of Divinity
D.SM = Doctor of Sacred Music
 D.Th  = Doctor of Theology



If you are a Pastor, Evangelist, or Leader of an active Christian ministry, True Hope Bible Institute may be able to grant you an Honorary Doctoral Degree on the basis of I Timothy 5:17, if you meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be at least 30 years old.
  • Produce evidence that you are a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel.
  • Verify that you have at least 10 years of full-time or part-time ministerial experience. 
  • Secure the endorsements of two other licensed or ordained ministers or other prominent Church leaders.
  • Complete a Doctoral Application and Documentation Package which will be mailed to you upon our receiving your completed registration form and fee.
    • Registration Period EXPIRES 60 calendar days from the date     we mail the Doctoral Application Package to you.  Application, documentation, Biblical Perspective Assessment and Bible Knowledge Examinations must be completed and returned to THBI within 60 calendar days from date of mailing package to you.
  • Submit and pass a written thesis on an approved subject within 6            months of submitting your completed Doctoral Application Package.
    • Failure to complete the Doctoral Thesis assignment within 6 months will be graded automatic failure and no degree will be granted and all tuition will be forfeited.
    • One extension will be granted if you obtain a written extension agreement from THBI - - meaning you will need to personally contact the THBI offices and request the extension.


REGISTER for an Application Package - there is a $125.00 (U.S. Dollars) non-refundable registration fee, so please make certain that you meet and can verify the above qualifications.

 Pointing to Register REGISTER HERE!


Upon receipt of both your completed registration form and registration fee, your Doctoral Application Package will be MAILED to you, not downloaded.

The tuition for an Honorary Doctoral Degree is $300* (U.S. Dollars)

which must accompany your completed enrollment package.

Upon processing and verifying information in your application package and a passing score on your exam and your dissertation**, you will be granted the Honorary Doctoral degree applied for.

*NOTE:  If for some reason you do not qualify your application fee of $300 will be returned to you along with your dissertation.

Qualify =

- - Not passing the world view exams is a qualification issue

- - Unable to provide the documentation necessary is a qualification issue

- - Failure to submit a completed Doctoral Application Package within 60
     calendar days from the date of mailing the Package to you is NOT a 
     matter of qualifying but of completion

- - Failing exams/thesis is NOT a matter of qualifying but of grades.

**NOTE:  Your dissertation remains your property and you retain all copyrights to your work, however by submission you grant us unrestricted rights to use part or all of your dissertation for any purpose that we may deem appropriate except that we will not offer your dissertation for sale for publication to any third party (such as a magazine) without your prior approval.

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