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 Degrees Offered by THBI ...

True Hope Bible Institute offers a full range of Biblically accredited college degrees that are designed to develop a highly focused level of understanding in the field of study that you choose!

A degree from True Hope Bible Institute is NOT merely a certificate that hangs on a wall but represents that you have exercised the diligence, work and hours of study that produced in you a level of practical understanding that you can apply to the areas most needed - - in real life situations!

 Bachelors Degree

5 Bachelor Degrees . . . 

  1. Biblical Studies 
  2. Christian Ministry 
  3. Pastoral Ministry 
  4. Full Gospel Theology 
  5. Christian Marriage 

Each Bachelor Degree program consists of 120 study credits (minimum) for completion

Masters Degree
Requires a Bachelors Degree

 6 Masters Degrees . . .

  1. Biblical Studies 
  2. Christian Ministries 
  3. Pastoral Ministries 
  4. Biblical Theology 
  5. Christian Doctrine 
  6. Family Ministry 

Each program consists of an additional 60 study credits (minimum) for completion

 Doctoral Degree
Requires Bachelors & Masters Degrees

 5 Doctoral Degrees . . .

  1. Biblical Studies 
  2. Christian Ministry 
  3. Pastoral Ministry 
  4. Theology 
  5. Divinity 

Each program consists of an additional 60 study credits (minimum) for completion

In addition to the degree programs listed above, THBI also offers 5 Diploma Programs and 2 Associate Degree Programs.


 5 Diploma Programs

  • Basic Bible Studies
  • The Christian Life Course
  • Full Gospel Fundamentals
  • Messianic Prophecies
  • General Christian Studies
Framed Diploma

2 Associate Degrees

  • Associate in Bible Studies 
  • Associate in Christian Ministries 

NOTE:  Associate Degrees are primarily designed as prescribed courses of study for Ministry License.

 Framed Assoc Degree

For all the details and requirements about our Degree Programs, review our current THBI STUDENT HANDBOOK/COURSE CATALOG - -

2 Special "Multiple Degree" Programs for the Dedicated Student! 

In the time - and for less money - that it takes for you to earn a Bachelors Degree in most secular colleges . . .
. . . you can earn all three degrees: Bachelors + Masters + Doctoral!

Learn about our "Multi-Tier Doctoral Degree" program by clicking here!

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I wanted to comment on the time I have spent with (THBI) ... What I have found to be particularly helpful, has been the one on one student conferences ... ... I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking to further their religious education.

- - Gitte S. Bachelor Graduate;   Virginia

I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute - these distance learning Bible college courses are well designed and extremely challenging!

- - Michael C.  Doctoral Degree Graduate; Ohio

"I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute for the serious student of God's Word."

- - Eric C. Masters Degree Graduate; New York."

THBI study distance learning Bible college courses have really gotten me into the Scriptures and are a great resource in preparing my sermons.

- - Scott P. Bachelor Degree Student, Wisconsin

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