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With one of our "Complete Advanced Degree" Programs, you earn your Bachelors Degree AND your advanced degree of Masters and even a Doctors Degree all in a single program! 

Many students are just beginning their formal Bible education but have the desire to earn their Masters Degree or even a Doctoral Degree.  Our program enable you to reach your goals without any interruptions - without having to register multiple times - without having to go through multiple enrollment procedures!

The MULTIPLE TIER DEGREE Programs Have Become Our Most Popular Programs! Think of them as "complete advanced degree programs" - - begin by earning a Bachelor Degree, the "complete" the program with earning either:  A Masters Degree or a Doctoral Degree!   

We offer TWO Multiple Tier Advanced Degree Programs - -

  1. Complete Masters Degree Program 
  2. Complete Doctoral Degree Program 


  • TIER 1 = Bachelor Degree (Both: Complete Masters and Doctoral Programs)
  • TIER 2 = Masters Degree   (Complete Masters Degree Program)
  • TIER 3 = Doctoral Degree (Complete Doctoral Degree Program)

BOTH programs are designed to provide you with the most advantages possible, from convenience to cost protection!  Check out the following . . .

  1. One time DISCOUNTED registration!** 
  2. We help you design the course of studies that work best for you!
  3. Open study schedule - no semester deadlines!
  4. Your ultimate goals are crystallized - your learning path is clear!
  1. NO FEE INCREASES!**  Single registration fee covers all course programs in the complete degree
  2. TUITION IS LOCKED IN! Tuition can never be increased!**
  3. SINGLE TUITION PAY PLAN - Multiple degrees are paid for with a single tuition plan!
  4. EXTENDED PAY PLANS - Your tuition pay plan can extend for as many as 18 months!** 
  1. Complete MASTERS degree - - you will earn both your Bachelors and Masters degree ... all for little more than $2000! 
  2. Complete DOCTORAL degree - - you will earn all 3:
    Bachelors + Masters + Doctoral degrees ... for under $2500! 
  1. You can change your degree major as you progress!
    • You might begin focusing on theology but decide to change to ministry!
  2. You can change your elective courses should new ones become available!
  3. You can "pause" or "push" your study schedule as you may need, it is all in your control!
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Read Carefully

 **Registration fees and guaranteed tuition does not apply if student fails, drops or is suspended due to inactivity. 

If a student does drop or become suspended due to inactivity (see Student Handbook for details) then the registration fees and increased tuition in effect at the time of student re-activating will be applied and the original terms are no longer valid and a new Tuition Pay Plan must be executed.


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I wanted to comment on the time I have spent with (THBI) ... What I have found to be particularly helpful, has been the one on one student conferences ... ... I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking to further their religious education.

- - Gitte S. Bachelor Graduate;   Virginia

I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute - these distance learning Bible college courses are well designed and extremely challenging!

- - Michael C.  Doctoral Degree Graduate; Ohio

"I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute for the serious student of God's Word."

- - Eric C. Masters Degree Graduate; New York."

THBI study distance learning Bible college courses have really gotten me into the Scriptures and are a great resource in preparing my sermons.

- - Scott P. Bachelor Degree Student, Wisconsin

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