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As part of the enrollment process, every student is required to complete and return the THBI Admissions Exams.

For students enrolling at the Bachelor Degree level this gives you a "point of reference" to compare your progress as you procede in your studies plus gives us an idea of how we can best help you select elective courses to complete your degree.

For "Graduate Degree" applicants, this will verify that you have developed the level of knowledge and understanding needed to undertake the Masters or Doctoral degree programs.

These exams help us to determine how we may best structure your program of learning while at the same time they give you a "snap shot" of your current level of understanding Biblical Truth, principles and direction for your life and ministry!

Our Admissions Exams are "open book" so you can - - and we encourage you to - - use your Bible and other reference sources you may already be using to complete these exams!

The Admissions Exams are in two parts:

  1. Biblical Perspective Assessment - - every applicant is required to complete:
    This exam assesses your world view as given by Worldview Weekend Ministries.

     - - This test determines the "life perspective" you currently hold which ranges from a Biblical Theist Thinker all the way down to a Humanist Atheist World view.
    • To be enrolled, applicants must exhibit that at minimum they are  a "moderate Biblical thinker" - - if your world view is not Biblical, you will not pass the course material of this institution and so your application will be denied. 
    • Many students already exhibit that they are a strong Biblical Thinker
      - -
      but again, a "moderate Biblical thinker" is the minimum required.
  2. The written "THBI ADMISSIONS EXAM" - - Applicants for Bachelor Degree Programs or higher must complete this exam:
    - - This written test shows your current level of understanding and comprehension of Biblical knowledge and understanding on a number of "Life Concerns" and "Biblical Issues".

    - - This test is quite extensive and will take at least a day to complete.
    - - This test is included in your Application Package and must be returned with your
    completed enrollment documents.
    • Bachelor Degree Admission Exam - - This is to help us evaluate how we may best be able to help you develop a personal plan of courses in the field of study you have chosen.
    • Masters and Doctoral Degree Admission Exams - - An applicant for an advanced degree (Masters or Doctoral) must already have a solid foundation of Biblical knowledge and understanding in order to earn an advanced degree. If an applicant is not able to pass the Admission Exam he/she will not be accepted as an advanced degree student but will be given the opportunity to enroll as a Bachelor Degree student which will build the appropriate foundation of Bible knowledge and understanding!

 God does not call the qualified! 
God qualifies those whom He calls!

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I wanted to comment on the time I have spent with (THBI) ... What I have found to be particularly helpful, has been the one on one student conferences ... ... I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking to further their religious education.

- - Gitte S. Bachelor Graduate;   Virginia

I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute - these distance learning Bible college courses are well designed and extremely challenging!

- - Michael C.  Doctoral Degree Graduate; Ohio

"I highly recommend True Hope Bible Institute for the serious student of God's Word."

- - Eric C. Masters Degree Graduate; New York."

THBI study distance learning Bible college courses have really gotten me into the Scriptures and are a great resource in preparing my sermons.

- - Scott P. Bachelor Degree Student, Wisconsin

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